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Possible Delays For Cobham Park

Posted by Rapids Volleyball on Monday, June 23, 2008

Cobham Park Sports CentreThe Dominion Post reported a story on the 17th of June about the possible delays to the 12-court sports centre planned for Cobham Park which is championed by Wellington Mayor Kerry Predergast.

There is a meeting on the morning of Friday 27 June (9:15am) at the Old Town Hall. The Council will be revisiting the planning of Kilbirnie’s Cobham Park Sport Centre. Councillor Andy Foster opposes the idea of such a sports venue, sighting that it’s a costly venture. Foster was reported as saying to the Dominion Post, “We could build an eight-court stadium, or something smaller, on the waterfront which would be affordable.”
Mike Freeman, an executive member of the Wellington Basketball Association writes an email proposing for all sport followers to show support of the 12-court stadium instead of a Water Front option with less courts. He proposes in his email, people should show their support by emailing Wellington’s Mayor Kerry Predergast on kerry.prendergast@wcc.govt.nz There is a huge threat for a Sports Centre development in Wellington being delayed by many more years beyond the proposed completion of Cobham Park in 2010. This subject has a large bearing for Volleyball as a sport, as many opportunities for various Volleyball tournaments such as the Wellington League, College Regionals, Junior College North Island, Senior College Nationals, Central Zone & Club Nationals could be held at the Cobham Park venue with affordable and accommodating space with the many courts that it provides.

You can read the story with the Dominion Post by clicking here.

And click below to read Wellington Basketball Committee Member Mike Freeman’s email.

Hi all

Yesterday a crisis emerged in the process for the new stadium at Cobham Park. I have been advised by Sport Wellington and friendly councillors that the mayor needs as many emails as we can muster today to ensure the project goes ahead.
As part of the Council’s Annual Plan process Councillor Andy Foster has endeavoured, through the Councils Strategy and Policy Committee, to revisit the decision on CobhamPark and questioned the need for 12 courts. He is pushing to revisit the ‘sites analysis’ with the idea of 8 courts at the Port (if the land can be obtained) and possibly covering some courts at Hataitai (amongst other possibilities). This would put everything on hold for a while, probably years. It has taken nearly 10 years to get to where it is now.
Twelve courts is the minimum we have agreed to with the planners any less would not be enough for us, netball and volleyball. Actually the cost at Cobham Park is $46 million compared to $80 million at the waterfront.
The Mayor needed to use a casting vote to defeat Andy Foster’s motion yesterday after a debate (which took approximately 3 hours) took place. The motion will go to the final Annual Plan full Council meeting next Friday 27 June at 9:15am. She is feeling uncomfortable with pushing the vote through on her casting vote and needs to see that she has the full support of the sports community!

1. We need your support to be emailed to the Mayor today “You continue to support an Indoor Community Sports Centre at Cobham Park.”
The Mayor’s email address is kerry.prendergast@wcc.govt.nz
The key arguments to include can be taken from this list:

  • Our existing stadium has only two courts and we cannot cope with all the players and teams who want to play now. People of all ages are missing out on basketball and healthy exercise now. This will get worse if there are further delays.
  • Our floor has worn out, we are nursing it through until 2010 as it is. It will need replacing at a cost of $300-$500K. We don’t have that money and would likely have to close the stadium.
  • The 12 courts at Cobham Park will quickly be in full demand by all sports. Any less will be insufficient. That site is the only one which allows for future expansion.
  • We have waited for ten years and there has been extensive planning and consultation. Why do it all over again.
  • Cobham Park is the best site for easy access for families and there is plenty of free parking planned. Parking at the port would be expensive and restrictive. There are good bus services to Kilbirnie where Cobham Park is.

2. Please attend the meeting on Friday 27 June at 9:15am. Big numbers in the gallery will indicate to Councillors the support for site at Cobham Park.

This is very very important. Please do this today.


Mike Freeman
WBA Executive Committee Member.


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