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How to Play

Indoor Volleyball
Indoor volleyball is the ultimate team sport. With no individual being able to posses the ball, it is a fully rebound sport creating a game where every player contributes to a fast and exciting game. 
A team consists of 6 players on court another 6 substitutions and 1 Libero. (Libero is a player who plays only in the backcourt and in a different coloured shirt. They can’t attack the ball above the height of the net. But can enter & exit the game with out substitution to replace a backcourt player but only after every dead ball.)


Playing the Game
If you click on the links below, you will be linked to skills that you can read about. The skills will give you an understanding for the basic of the game as well as some great tips on how to perform the skills to make the most out of different situations you find yourself in as a player.


SettingSetting Techniques  Setting

Dig & PlatformDigging Techniques  Digging 

DefenseDefensive Techniques  Blocking


ServingFloat and Jump Serve 

Volleyball Terminology

FIVB Rules of Volleyball

FIVB Casebook 2005-2008

More additional information will be added in the future.

Point System
Point system is rally-point scoring, In rally point scoring, a point is awarded on every rally regardless of which team is serving. Each set is the first to 25pts and a deciding set is first to 15pts, in-case of a deuce situation, you must win by a margin of 2pts. The game of volleyball can be played to the best of 3-sets, but mostly played by the best of 5-sets.
Each time a team wins a point to gain service, their team rotates once clockwise, allowing each player to play in a different position. 

Court Dimension
Volleyball CourtThe size of the court is 18 by 9. Divided in half to create two sides of 9 by 9.
Each side has a 3-metre space from the centre line back towards their endline. This zone is known as the “Attack Zone”. Each marking of the court is about 5cm in width.




Net Height
Volleyball AntennaThe height of the net is 2.43m for Men. 2.24m for Women & Junior Boys. 2.15cm for Junior Girls. An antenna is placed on each side of the volleyball net. The antenna is lined up with the court boundary lines and marks the space where the ball must cross the net.

If the ball doesn’t cross the net within this crossing space (between the antennas), then the ball is out of play. The antenna marks an imaginary extension all the way up to the ceiling. When the ball crosses the net, the ball must be completely inside the antenna (on the court side).

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