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Wainui Rapids

Rapids SphereWainuiomata Rapids Volleyball Incorporated is a Club created in August 2005. The club would like to pay special thanks to Wainuiomata RSA, Tamaiti Whangai and Century Foundation for making the 2006 season possible.

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Wainuiomata is a suburban town, located within the city limits of Lower Hutt and is east of Wellington city.

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Past Teams

Men’s 2006 – Men’s 2007

Women’s 2006 – Women’s 2007

We are a club that would like to share the experience within the club to help players feel comfortable playing at a higher level. Volleyball has many games within the game and that is one unique part of the sport that makes people really enjoy playing & challenging themselves. We as a club would enjoy training individuals with the many aspects of volleyball to improve your game & at the same time make your volleyball experience an enjoyable one.

  • The Club is affiliated to the Wellington Volleyball Association.

  • Wainuiomata Rapids helps with High Schools around its vicinity.

  • Participates in the Wellington League & Central Zone.

  • Colours are Green, Black & White.

Constitution of Wainuiomata Rapids Volleyball

Become an Official Referee

FIVB Rules of Volleyball

FIVB Casebook 2005-2008

Contact Email: wainui.rapids@gmail.com

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